17 June 2019

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Key application dates

Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies 2019 update

Applications closed on 8 May 2019 with 571 applications submitted. The Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies 2019 Peer Review Guidelines can be found on NHMRC’s website.

Peer Reviewer key dates are:

  • Scoring by panel members: 1 July -24 July 2019

Synergy Grants 2019 update

Applications closed 1 May 2019, with 64 applications submitted and progressing to Stage One peer review.

Applications for Stage One have been allocated to three 15 person multidisciplinary-based panels of approximately 20-22 applications. Each application will be assigned up to five reviewers. 

The panels have been formed to maximise suitability and minimise conflicts of interest for all applications while also adhering to NHMRC’s Grant Review Panel Membership Principles.

For further details on the Synergy Grants peer review process, please see the Synergy Grants 2019 Peer Review Guidelines available from the NHMRC website.

Ideas Grant 2019 update

NHMRC is finalising grant review panels and assigning spokesperson (SP) roles. Final panel appointments and allocation of SP roles will be determined by the conflict of interest and SP suitability declarations provided by all potential assessors.

NHMRC will confirm panel appointments of week 1-3 panels prior to assessments commencing on 24th June 2019. Those who have been appointed to a week 1-3 panel will receive their SP allocations when the assessments commence. Members of week 4-6 panels will be notified shortly thereafter.

The 2019 Grant Review Panels will be held in Canberra for six consecutive weeks, from 12 August to 20 September 2019.

Investigator Grants 2019 update

Discussion by exception panel meetings via videoconference are now complete and funding recommendations are being prepared. 

Panel members are reminded of the importance of confidentiality of the peer review process.

NHMRC would like to thank all members for their assistance this year and encourage them to provide feedback on their experience by completing the Investigator Grant Panel Member survey, which will be circulated shortly.

Open MRFF grant opportunities

The MRFF International Clinical Trial Collaborations (ICTC) Grant Opportunity opened on 28 March 2019 and closes on 15 August 2019 with minimum data due on 31 July 2019. Clinician researchers are invited to express their interest in assisting with the assessment of ICTC applications as a member of the peer review panel.

Please contact NHMRC via email.

World Conference of Science Journalists 2019 press conferences

The World Conference of Science Journalists has announced that the press conferences will take place on 2-4 July 2019 in Switzerland. Registrations are now open.

Please visit the World Conference of Science Journalists website for more information.

8th Annual NHMRC Symposium on Research Translation – abstract submission date extended

The call for abstracts for the 8th Symposium to be held in Melbourne in November 2019 has been extended to 1 July 2019.

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