14 July 2020

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International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders Survey
The International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders (IAMHRF) has asked NHMRC to circulate an invitation to participate in a survey, which aims to help develop a set of common demographic measures to be used in mental health research in a broad range of contexts. The invitation from the IAMHRF follows:  

A serious barrier to understanding mental health conditions has long been the inability to aggregate data across different research efforts. In the wake of COVID, it will be more essential than ever to be able to combine studies and arrive at overall conclusions about the impacts on mental health around the globe. We are asking for your input to help develop a common set of demographic measures to be used in mental health research in a broad range of contexts. 

The Data Harmonization working group of the International Alliance of Mental Health Research Funders (IAMHRF) proposes a minimum set of demographic questions to be collected from funded mental health research projects. The IAMHRF is seeking to promote the uptake of a few shared measures that researchers use alongside any other instruments that may further their research interests so that data aggregation may be simplified across the mental health field. 

Your expertise as a member of the research community is an essential component in successfully harmonizing data collection and advancing the mental health field. We cannot hope to advance a meaningful set of measures without your guidance. 

Please provide your input and help develop a set of common demographic measures by following this link: http://iamhrf.org/demographics-common-measures

This should take you no longer than 20 minutes to complete.

The survey will be open until October 15th, 2020. 

We would like to thank you for your interest and essential contribution.

NHMRC encourages researchers in the mental health field to participate in the survey.  

Ideas Grants Peer Review Processes 
Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, NHMRC has made changes to how applications will be assessed in the 2020 Ideas Grants round. The streamlined peer review process that will be used this year is detailed in the 2020 Ideas Grant Peer Review Guidelines.

With the extension to the close of the Ideas Grants round NHMRC is still currently reviewing and finalising its membership requirements. Members were asked to return their email form detailing their current peer review information no later than Friday 10 July.  NHMRC anticipates that members will be asked to start declaring their Conflict of Interest and suitability declarations in late July.  

NHMRC is very appreciative of the willingness of the sector to make themselves available for peer review. Not everyone who expressed an interest can be appointed to participate, as membership requirements depend on the number and spread of applications received, as well as the outcomes of the Conflict of Interest and suitability survey. 

2020 Partnership Projects Peer Review Cycle 1 (PRC1) 
The due date for NHMRC Approved Administering Institutions to submit partner waiver requests for applications in the 2020 Partnership Projects PRC1 is Wednesday 15 July 2020.

In Focus: Could a mouthwash prevent sexually transmitted diseases? 
With the impact of COVID-19 over the past few months, Associate Professor Eric Chow believes the lockdown may have some impact on people’s sex lives. His research involves understanding if an antiseptic mouthwash could reduce sexually transmitted infections. Learn more about Professor Chow’s research on NHMRC’s website.

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