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21 February 2019

NHMRC has reopened the Targeted Call for Research (TCR) into Frailty in Hospital Care: Complex Health Care. 

The re-opened call for applications will close at 5pm (AEST) on Thursday 21 March 2019. There will be no further extensions and late applications will not be accepted.

An administrative issue has affected some applications received in this TCR.  The issue is related to the changes that RGMS will allow after the minimum data deadline. Section 7 of the Frailty TCR Call-Specific Funding Rules provides advice on what is required at minimum data.  RGMS will allow changes to be made to applications after the minimum data deadline.  As some applicants made post-minimum data changes, while others were advised they could not, in the interests of equity, fairness and transparency, NHMRC has elected to reopen this call. This decision has been made solely for this reason – the quality or quantity of applications was not a factor. 

Existing applications may be amended. New applications will be accepted. All applications will require resubmission.

Please see the GrantConnect website for more details.