25 August 2022

Please note the following updates and reminders related to NHMRC post award processes.

MREA Progress Reporting

NHMRC advises that the Scientific Progress Report template has been updated to include additional questions and text fields for CIAs to expand on the information provided. This update also corrects a system error that caused the incorrect name to be listed as CIA in the report output. The updated template will apply to all pending Progress Report milestones. Where progress reports have been submitted in the previous template, RAOs will be contacted directly if resubmission of previously submitted reports is required.

MRFF Progress Reporting

NHMRC is aware that MRFF progress report milestones that were moved to a due date of 30 September (as per NHMRC advice to Eligible Organisations sent 29/9/21) are still showing in Sapphire with the milestone's original due date. These will be updated in Sapphire shortly. RAOs were advised via email in May 2022 of the MRFF grants where reporting dates have changed. MRFF Progress Reports can be submitted by the September due date unless NHMRC has specifically advised that the report is due at an earlier date.

NHMRC reminds Eligible Organisations that the MRFF Progress reporting template that is required to be used by all MRFF grants will also be available on the NHMRC website shortly and that these reports are required to be submitted offline to NHMRC via mrff.postaward@nhmrc.gov.au.

Financial Reporting

NHMRC apologises for the delay in providing financial reporting submission through Sapphire and appreciates the Administrating Institutions and Eligible Organisations patience with interim processes. Updates on progress with financial statement submission will be provided in the coming months. NHMRC advises that 2021 Financial Statements, Financial Acquittals and Transfer Acquittal reports are to continue to be submitted as per the offline process outlined on NHMRC’s website

As part of this ongoing work, a financial reporting dashboard is being developed (due for release in September) that will support AIs in understanding payments.

Overdue Milestones

NHMRC is aware that some grants migrated from RGMS to Sapphire are still showing incorrect overdue milestones in Sapphire. This is due to a system error and grants are being updated systematically to remove incorrect overdue milestones. These incorrect milestone flags will have no impact on application submission or eligibility assessment for upcoming Grant Opportunities.

Recovery Run

NHMRC advises Administering Institutions that the Recovery Run planned for August will now be processed in September. NHMRC will contact Administering Institutions with pending recovery amounts via email outlining amounts to be recovered.

Variation Requests

NHMRC is aware of instances where some notifications generated from Sapphire regarding outcomes to variation requests have not been received by AIs. The issue is being monitored and investigated, and NHMRC welcome RAO’s feedback to postaward.management@nhmrc.gov.au where this has occurred for variations submitted by or on behalf of an Administering Institution (e.g. Transfer Administering Institution variations).  

Residual date and grant data discrepancies 

NHMRC is aware that there is some residual date and data discrepancies in Sapphire and advise that updates continue to address these.