7 March 2022

MREA grant payments for January and February have now been processed.

MREA grant payments for January and February have now been processed.

March payments are anticipated to be released in the weeks of 15 March (MREA) and 21 March (MRFF).

NHMRC’s post award team is currently focused on processing grantee variations received both via Sapphire and offline, and addressing data discrepancies and incorrect milestones identified for a number of grants.

Please note the following updates in this regard:

  • Due to the volume of variation requests received since December 2021, as well as development work still underway in Sapphire, there have been some delays in processing some variations types. If an urgent response to a Variation Request is required, please contact postaward.management@nhmrc.gov.au with the Grant ID, Variation Type and a brief explanation of the urgency. Otherwise the outcomes of all variation requests and updates to grant milestones will be made available in Sapphire as soon as possible.
  • Some grant payments were suspended where there were unprocessed grantee variations that would impact the grant payment and/or where the Sapphire grant information requires updating to avoid incorrect payments. NHMRC is working to process and update these as a priority.
  • NHMRC is aware that a number of grants migrated from RGMS to Sapphire are showing incorrect overdue milestones in Sapphire. This is due to a system error, and a fix for this will be run via an upcoming system update to remove all incorrect overdue milestones. These incorrect milestone flags will have no impact on application submission or eligibility assessment for upcoming Grant Opportunities.

Please contact the Research Help Centre for further information or assistance.