15 February 2022

NHMRC grant payments and financial reporting

Grant payments

NHMRC anticipates processing the first tranche of grant payments through Sapphire in late February. Further information will be provided once confirmed.


Financial reporting

Noting that access to RGMS is no longer available, interim arrangements for the submission of Financial Statements will continue to apply, as outlined below and on NHMRC’s website, until financial reporting capability is deployed in Sapphire as part of the last major Post Award (Release 3) module.

NHMRC will advise exact dates for the deployment as soon as they are confirmed.
Interim arrangements for financial reporting

All reports that were accepted by NHMRC or at the status of ‘submitted to NHMRC’ in RGMS will be migrated to Sapphire and handled as follows:

  • Unless advised otherwise financial acquittals and annual statements that were submitted to NHMRC in RGMS, and not returned or cancelled will be considered ‘met’.
  • As financial reports are reviewed offline by NHMRC over the coming months, NHMRC will advise Administering Institutions (AIs) and Eligible Organisations of any reports that will need to be revised and resubmitted.
  • Reports received but not accepted by NHMRC will show a milestone as overdue.

Overdue reports may impact a researcher’s eligibility to apply for new grant funding. When AIs are advised that Sapphire is available for uploading financial reports overdue reports should be prioritised for submission as soon as possible.
Extensions to reporting due dates

While reports cannot be submitted to NHMRC they will not be considered late and an automatic extension to the due date will apply as follows.

  • Financial Acquittal reports due between 20 November 2021 (when RGMS became unavailable for report submission) and 30 April 2022 are to be submitted by 31 July 2022.
  • Annual Financial Statements due 30 April 2022 are to be submitted by 31 July 2022.

Sapphire financial reporting – forthcoming changes

As part of Post Award Release 3 module there will be several key changes to the financial reporting process.  Further details including an example of the new upload template for financial reporting in Sapphire will be provided by email to ROs, FOs and CFOs shortly.

Guidance to assist Finance Officers on how to upload Financial Statements through Sapphire will be made available in due course on the Sapphire Help Page.