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15 December 2018

NHMRC is replacing RGMS with a new grants management solution, Sapphire. The project to build Sapphire is currently underway and is anticipated to launch in late 2018.

  • Researcher profile, CV and grant data will be migrated across
  • Learning resources (including videos and how-to guides) will be made available closer to the launch
  • Webinars will be run in the coming months
  • Our website content will be regularly updated as the project progresses

To get the best out of your new profile in Sapphire, please ensure your primary email address is updated to your current institution email address and only used on one account where possible. This will assist in migrating your profile information and access rights. Researchers are being encouraged to do the same.

Please note: Peer review and application processes currently underway will continue to use RGMS.