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29 August 2019

NHMRC’s Grantee Variations Policy has been updated to reflect current grant programs and allow the streamlining of grant administration processes. 

The updated NHMRC Grantee Variations Policy is available here.

A summary of key changes are as follows:

  • Combined the previous “Grantee Variations Policy”, “Advice when seeking NHMRC approval for a grantee variation” and “Grantee Variation Processes” web pages into one, streamlined document.
  • The emphasis of “any proposed changes to a grant… need to be considered relative to the original peer review” remains, however the addition of several grant variation principles provides NHMRC with additional decision making abilities and ensures better alignment with an outcomes orientation and achieving value with relevant money.
  • Emphasis that each variation request will be considered based on its individual circumstances and relative to the Grant Guidelines under which the grant was applied.  
  • Removal of the policy requirement for grantees to submit to NHMRC medical records, letters of support from their supervisors or other supporting evidence.  Administering Institutions are required to hold such information and must be able to supply to NHMRC upon request. 
  • NHMRC will still need to be notified of a change in Associate Investigator or change in supervisor (where the Grant Guidelines require this), but review and approval by NHMRC (including by the Scientific Expert Panel) may no longer be required.
  • Removal of information related to historical NHMRC grant programs that is no longer relevant.