Dr Mick Adams
Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet
Edith Cowan University
4 June 2018

Working with communities is how Dr Mick Adams became a leader in his research to improve the health and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men. 

Better known as Uncle Mick, he came into research through working with communities in mental health.

‘I saw the men weren’t looking after themselves or looking after family. It made me realise I wasn’t doing that myself. I wanted to change but I wanted people to come with me on the journey,’ he explained.

Uncle Mick is a descendent of the Yadhiagana/Wuthuthi people of Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, having traditional family ties with the Gringji people of Central Western Northern Territory and extended family relationship with the people of the Torres Straits, Warlpiri (Yuendumu), and East Arnhem Land (Gurrumaru) communities.

‘We need leadership and we need to be the leaders in the research. I think that will make a difference to Aboriginal people and their communities,’ he said.

He shared his pathway into research with us.