2 June 2020

Sapphire Hints and Tips

Chief Investigator invitations
Some applicants have experienced problems with Chief Investigators not being able to accept invitations to join their application.
If a Chief Investigator role has been swapped (e.g. changing a team member from CIB to CIC), application owners are required to generate a new invitation for that team member. If required, click the "Resend Invite” button next to the Chief Investigator’s email address.
Associate Investigator invitations
Some users may find that their issue with Associate Investigator invitations is resolved. Application owners are required to generate a new invitation if the “invitation response” is showing as “sent”, but the Associate Investigator has been unable to action the invitation. If required, click the "Resend Invite” button next to the Associate Investigator’s email address. When an application has been accepted it will show as “accepted".
Minimum Data Compliance page
NHMRC has rectified the ongoing issues some experienced with data accuracy on the Minimum Data Compliance page. Application owners and RAOs are now able to confirm whether minimum data fields have been completed for an application. Please note that edits to fields can take approximately three minutes to be updated on the minimum data page. This page is updated with data in real time and does not reflect the data in the application form at the minimum data deadline date.

Naming Conventions for Grant Proposal
All NHMRC Grant Guidelines include information on the appropriate naming for application documents, such as the Grant Proposal. For example, for Ideas Grants 2020 applicants are required to use Surname_Grant Proposal.
Where to go for assistance
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For all your Sapphire enquiries, please email the Research Help Centre at help@nhmrc.gov.au. The Research Help Centre are experiencing a high volume of enquiries, so please allow up to 48 hours for a response. We thank you for your patience.