Professor Caroline Homer AO
Co-program Director of Maternal and Child Health
Burnet Institute
8 March 2019

Today is International Women’s Day. NHMRC’s Women in Health Science Committee member, Professor Caroline Homer, discusses the importance of having more women involved in leadership, research, and education.

Professor Caroline Homer is a passionate public health researcher, who is a member of NHMRC’s Women in Health Science (WiHS) Committee, which was established to gain a better understanding of issues faced by women researchers in health and medical research and barriers to career progression.

Caroline is also a member of NHMRC’s Council.“Women in health science is a really important area and I am so delighted that NHMRC has taken this really seriously,” she said.“ We know that the more we have women involved in leadership, research, in development, and education, the world is a better place.”

The WiHS Committee provides advice directly to NHMRC’s CEO, Professor Anne Kelso AO, on strategies that could be implemented to address issues related to gender equality and overcome barriers.

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