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25 June 2019

NHMRC Direct Research Costs (DRC) guidelines have been revised to align with NHMRC’s new grant program and provide guidance on expenditure of NHMRC funds.

The updated guidelines apply to all new expenditure commitments from NHMRC grants and funding requests in NHMRC applications.

The revised DRC guidelines include clarifications relating to:

  • Salary and equipment costs: Advice on these costs has been consolidated into the DRC guidelines and the guidelines have been restructured to clarify that salary and equipment costs are sub-categories of DRCs.
  • Distinction between Salary Support Packages (SSPs) and Personnel Support Packages (PSPs): Descriptions have been clarified and updated to include Investigator Grants.
  • Excess salary: Advice has been included which addresses salary applied for or awarded which exceeds the allowable value across multiple grants.
  • Funding for postgraduate students: Advice has been included around supporting postgraduate students through NHMRC research grants.

RAOs should familiarise themselves with the updated guidelines and notify relevant stakeholders in their institution.