9 January 2018

The Chief Executive Officer of NHMRC has approved an amendment to the Clinical guidelines for stroke management 2017

The Stroke Foundation has amended its guideline by removing the following recommendation in response to new evidence:

Chapter 2, 2.3 Brain imaging

Weak recommendation AGAINST

The use of CT perfusion or MRI perfusion-diffusion imaging to identify patients who could benefit from reperfusion therapies beyond standard time windows is currently not recommended outside the context of research.

The Stroke Foundation has advised NHMRC that its guidelines already contain the following recommendation which supports the new evidence:

Chapter 3, 3.4 Reperfusion therapy

Consensus-based recommendation

For stroke patients, endovascular thrombectomy may be considered in the following situations based on individual patient and advanced imaging factors:

Commencement of procedure beyond 6 hours (but within 24 hours) from stroke onset.

This amendment is considered to be of minor significance and the Council of NHMRC is dispensing with the requirement for public consultation under section 14B of the NHMRC Act. For further information on stroke management please contact the Stroke Foundation


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