NHMRC - Public Health
19 October 2018

Eating a diet high in vegetables reduces our risk of developing chronic diseases, particularly cardiovascular disease and cancer.

For National Nutrition Week 2018, we have gone back to the Australian Dietary Guidelines to inspire you to eat more vegetables. If you are like most Australians, you are not eating enough vegetables each day and missing out on the benefits that they offer.

Using five common pantry staple vegetables, here are plenty of ideas to work extra serves into your diet.

1. Baked beans:

  • On toast;
  • In a sandwich;
  • As a side to scrambled eggs;
  • Mini-tin as a snack (lunchbox ready!); and
  • On top of a steamed jacket potato with a sprinkle of reduced fat cheese.

2. Three bean mix:

  • In a simple green salad;
  • Mixed through roasted vegetables and tossed with a little balsamic vinegar;
  • In any soup;
  • Added to any slow cooker recipe; and
  • Mashed with grated cheese as a toasted sandwich filling.

3. Tinned tomatoes:

  • As a soup base;
  • In a bolognaise sauce;
  • Mashed on toast;
  • Added to any slow cooker recipe; and
  • Added to cooked pasta and topped with grated reduced fat cheese for a pasta bake.

4. Split peas:

  • Added to any curry;
  • Added to any soup;
  • Soaked or boiled (follow packet instructions) for a filling salad addition;
  • Soaked or boiled then mashed as the base of a tasty dip; and
  • Soaked or boiled then made into vegetarian fritters.

5. Tinned sweet corn:

  • As corn fritters;
  • Added to any salad or soup;
  • Mixed with tinned tuna for a sandwich filling;
  • Added to any slow cooker recipe; and
  • Mixed with finely chopped tomatoes and garlic for a delicious salsa.

Need more meal and snack inspiration? Here are quick tips that can make shopping for healthy food a whole lot easier.