The HTAC will advise the CEO and Council of NHMRC on opportunities to improve health outcomes in areas including clinical care, public, population and environmental health, communicable diseases and prevention of illness through effective translation of research into health care and clinical practice.


The functions of HTAC, as gazetted by the Minister on 29 June 2015, are to advise the CEO and Council on:

  • Major challenges, current issues and trends in health and health care, including those specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples;
  • Priorities and strategies to address these challenges;
  • Strategies to promote research translation into practice and policy;
  • Promoting dissemination and implementation of research findings and NHMRC-issued guidelines; and
  • Any other matter referred to by the CEO


The composition of HTAC is not defined under the NHMRC Act. Members will have clinical or research expertise and experience in areas such as clinical practice, health services, new technologies including genomics, public health, health economics, evidence evaluation and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. A member of AHEC also sits on HTAC - this is a requirement under the NHMRC Act.

Members of Health Translation Advisory Committee

Health Translation Advisory Committee Secretariat 

NHMRC GPO Box 1421 Canberra ACT 2601

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