Nominations are being sought from people with appropriate expertise to participate on the NHMRC Council and Principal Committees for the 2021-2024 triennium.

NHMRC is the nation’s leading body delivering health and medical research funding, our committee-based structure underpins NHMRC’s work and ensures that robust expert advice on a wide range of health and medical research and ethical matters is provided to the Council of NHMRC and Chief Executive Officer. Through our committees, researchers, healthcare professionals and consumer representatives contribute to the work of NHMRC, and provide a bridge to the community and research and health sectors.

In filling these committees, the Australian Government upholds its commitment to a gender diversity target of women holding 50 percent of government board positions overall, and women and men each holding at least 40 percent of positions at the individual board level.

Further information on NHMRC Committees and the responsibilities of the members on these committees can be found at the below locations:

Nominations will only be considered complete if they are accompanied by a completed Curriculum Vitae (not exceeding two pages) and Private Interests Declaration made using the templates provided below. Templates are not to be altered in any way.  These documents must be uploaded at the time of making your online nomination.

Completed nominations, including Curriculum Vitae and Private Interests Declaration, must be submitted online by 31st January 2021. Late and/or incomplete nominations will not be accepted.

Questions on the member nomination and selection process can be submitted to and, as appropriate (for example, common questions), will be addressed though the Frequently Asked Questions page.


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Membership of Multiple Committees

Each triennium, NHMRC asks some members to sit on two committees. These Members-in-Common play a key role in supporting NHMRC to identify and leverage activities across committees. NHMRC appreciates that being a Member-in-Common requires an additional time commitment and is not possible for all nominees. By ticking the relevant box below, you indicate whether you are willing to be considered as a Member-in-Common between two Principal Committees:

Please note, Chairs of Principal Committees (excluding ERLC), are also appointed as Members of Council. Persons being considered as potential Chairs for each of the Principal Committees will be contacted prior to appointment to confirm capacity to also serve on Council.
Involvement in other NHMRC Expert Committees
Each year the NHMRC CEO establishes a range of expert

working committees to assist her in carrying out the function of NHMRC, the Council and its Principal Committees. Expert advice from these committees ensures NHMRC offer the highest standard of information to the Minister for Health and the Australian community. Details of current NHMRC committees can be found here.

By ticking the relevant box below, you indicate whether you are willing to have the information provided in this nomination process considered by NHMRC should it seek to establish an expert working committee in your area of expertise during the 2021-2024 triennium.

Please note, NHMRC reserves the right to seek expert working committees participants through other means as well.

I am advised that, as a routine requirement of Australian Government policy, a Minister when considering appointments must satisfy themselves that there is nothing in the personal or financial affairs of potential appointees which, if made known publicly, would be an embarrassment to either the Australian Government or the potential appointee. By providing this nomination, I certify that there is nothing in my affairs which would raise any issues of this nature

Accompanying Documentation

Please upload your completed:

  • Curriculum Vitae (not exceeding two pages)
  • Private Interests Declaration, with any supporting evidence if required
These documents must be submitted on the templates provided.
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Allowed types: pdf, docx.
Privacy Notice

NHMRC is collecting your personal information via this form to gather contact details and other information as part of the NHMRC committee nomination process. Without this information, NHMRC will not process your nomination. By providing this information you are acknowledging that your information will be stored by NHMRC.

Further information can be found in NHMRC Privacy Policy.