The majority of the 2018 GRP meetings will be held at the NHMRC offices in Canberra, with some GRPs held at a nearby offsite location as required. Each week the meetings will typically run on Monday from 1-5pm and on Tuesday to Friday from 9am-5pm. 

To ensure a prompt start, all members’ flights will be booked to arrive in Canberra on Monday morning. Where Monday morning flights are not available, Sunday evening flights will be booked. Members will receive their travel arrangements via email no later than 10 days prior to the meeting date. Flexible return fares will be booked in the event that meetings end earlier than expected. 

Policy and Privacy Statement

NHMRC complies with Resource Management Guide No. 404 Official Domestic Air Travel – Use of the Lowest Practical Fare which sets out an entity’s requirements for achieving value for money when selecting and booking domestic travel.

NHMRC collects personal information from this form for the purposes of making travel arrangements for members.  The personal information members provide is thereafter stored within a secure electronic environment.  The Privacy Act 1988 requires NHMRC to protect members' personal information and to collect, hold, use and disclose it in accordance with the Act.  If members do not provide this information, NHMRC will not be able to make travel arrangements for their attendance. 

NHMRC’s Privacy Policy is available on our website. This policy contains information about how members can access any of their own personal information held by the NHMRC, seek its correction if necessary, and NHMRC’s privacy complaints mechanism.