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MFR 9 - Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia

Matter for Review

9.  "Ways in which the broader health reform process can be leveraged to improve research and translation opportunities in preventative health and in the primary, aged and acute care sectors, including through expanded clinical networks, as well as ways in which research can contribute to the design and optimal implementation of these health reforms."


Discussion Paper - Developing Advanced Health Research Centres in Australia

NHMRC invited comment on a proposal to encourage the development of Advanced Health Research Centres through collaboration between universities, Medical Research Institutes and hospitals to support research and research translation. The discussion paper - Developing Advanced Health Research Centres in Australia - was released for public consultation on 21 December 2010.

Feedback was sought on a strategy to build Australia’s capacity to undertake essential health and medical research and to translate knowledge acquired from biomedical research into improved patient care. 

Harmonisation of Multi-centre Ethical Review (HoMER)

In October 2006, the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council (AHMAC), agreed to implement a national system facilitating the recognition of a single scientific and ethical review process within and across all Australian jurisdictions. This proposal was based on a working group paper submitted to AHMAC in September 2006, a streamlined national approach to scientific and ethics review of multi-centre health and medical research in Australia.

NHMRC established the Harmonisation of Multi-centre Ethical Review (HoMER) initiative as an outcome of AHMAC's decision. The first phase of the HoMER initiative was the development stage which led to the development of a range of tools to support the National Approach, including the National Certification Scheme, standardised participant information and consent forms, HREC template letters, and information on the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders within single ethical review.

The second phase represents the progression from the development of the HoMER Initiative to the implementation and maintenance of a National Approach to single ethical review. This approach aims to facilitate the recognition by all jurisdictions of a review by any HREC in any jurisdiction.

The Human Research Ethics Portal contains information on the National Approach to Single Ethical Review (the National Approach) including links to relevant information for researchers, HREC members, and institutional staff and administrators. Current information on the National Approach can be found at:

OECD Global Science Forum - Facilitating International Cooperation in Non-Commercial Clinical Trials, October 2011

This report from the OECD Global Science Forum discusses challenges in setting up international clinical trials and proposes recommendations to meet these challenges. 


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