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Among its primary responsibilities, NHMRC provides advice to the Australian Government on health and medical research, and manages research support and funding through a variety of mechanisms, including grants for individuals specific research projects and broad programs of research.

Advanced Health Research Centres

NHMRC is committed to supporting the translation of research into improved health policy and practice. NHMRC also wishes to encourage collaboration between universities, medical research institutes and the health system (including hospitals) to facilitate research translation.

Strategic Investment in Mental Health Research Priorities

An Australian Government Budget Measure: Strategic investment in mental health research priorities through the NHMRC - $26.2 million over the next five years.

NHMRC Academy

The NHMRC Academy is a prestigious body of eminent researchers that enhances NHMRC's peer review processes by giving independent expert advice to NHMRC's CEO.

Research Integrity

AHEC (the Australian Health Ethics Committee) has developed ethical guidelines for conducting research - in Health ethics.

NHMRC Biobanking Policy

NHMRC recognises that biobanking is a valuable underpinning for medical research.

National research facilities and networks

A list of infrastructure/platform technologies and/or collaborative networks that health and medical researchers may use as a resource to enhance and accelerate their research.

NHMRC’s role in approving Approved Research Institutes

Information on NHMRC’s role in approving bodies as Approved Research Institutes (ARI) for deductible gift recipient status and in approving variations to the Research Committees of existing ARIs.


Page reviewed: 3 December, 2013