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Emergency Care Evidence in Practice series

The Emergency Care Evidence in Practice series of brochures reflects the continuing and close collaboration between NICS and expert emergency clinicians. Each brochure in the series highlights an evidence-practice gap of particular relevance within Australian emergency departments.

The series was developed to:

  • raise awareness of specific clinical areas where high quality evidence exists to inform best practice
  • encourage evidence-based change in emergency care settings, and
  • provide a practical resource to help improve the quality of care.

Each brochure includes an introduction to the relevance of the topic, a list of best available evidence, information about current practice, and a summary of implications for improving practice. They are available as PDFs for downloading and printing.

2008 brochures

Published in February 2008, the latest brochures in the series include:

In developing the content for these brochures, our aim was to identify and use existing high quality, synthesised evidence rather than generating new meta-analyses of the literature.

Endorsing agencies

Have your say

Let us know what you like or don’t like about the brochures in the Emergency Care Evidence in Practice series. This will help us plan further publications in the series.

2006 brochures

The first three brochures in the Evidence in Practice series were published by NICS in 2006. They continue to receive positive feedback from the clinical field.

Endorsing agencies

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