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National Register of Public Health Research

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) conducted a Review of Public Health Research Funding in Australia to advise the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on the ways in which the NHMRC can maximise its contribution to improved population health outcomes and align its public health funding to the needs of the Australian community. Recommendation 5 from this review requested the establishment of a National Register of Public Health Research.

The National Register of Public Health Research will provide greater transparency in the conduct and reporting of results of government, non-government and commercially supported public health research. The Register will also assist researchers in identifying gaps in research and may prevent unnecessary duplication.

The pilot phase of the National Register of Public Health Research contains details of NHMRC-funded research projects only. In future, researchers will be welcome to add information on their research projects that are not part of this initial pilot.

Some of the information included in the National Register of Public Health Research is not routinely collected by NHMRC and these fields will state that the information is not available (No data available).

Use the simple search function to search for specific words in the project title and / or lay summary (a brief description of the overall aims and expected outcomes of the research project in non-technical language).

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