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Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs)

Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) review research proposals if their research involves humans. HRECs are established by organisations, which register their HREC with NHMRC.


An overview of HRECs, roles, requirements, and membership.

Registering or closing a HREC

How to register or close a HREC.

HREC Forms

This section includes all forms required for registering or terminating an HREC and changing contact details of an HREC.

HREC Alerts

This section provides HRECs with the latest information relevant to their work.

HREC Annual Reporting to NHMRC

This section includes information about the HREC Annual Report Form; Privacy Reports to the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner and the Report on the Overview of Information Obtained From HRECs

Health Research Privacy Framework

The primary focus of AHEC with respect to privacy is in relation to research, balancing the need for the protection of personal privacy with the need to facilitate access to research data that will benefit the community.

Raising concerns about a research project or an HREC

How to raise concerns about a research project or an HREC.


Page reviewed: 26 August, 2013