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Publications relating to Genetics and Gene Technology

Title Status
NHMRC Embryo Research Licensing Committee Report To The Parliament of Australia For The Period 1 March 2010 To 31 August 2010 Corporate archive
Clinical Utility of Personalised Medicine Current
Direct-to-Consumer DNA Genetic Testing: An information resource for consumers Current
Discussing Direct-to-Consumer Genetic DNA Testing with Patients: A Short Guide for Health Professionals Current
DNA Genetic Testing in the Australian Context: A Statement from the National Health and Medical Research Council Current
Guidelines for the generation, breeding, care and use of genetically modified and cloned animals for scientific purposes (2007) Current
Medical Genetic Testing: Health information for you and your family Current
Medical Genetic Testing: information for health professionals Current
NHMRC Embryo Research Licensing Committee Information Kit Current
NHMRC Licensing Committee 15th Biannual Report to Parliament Current
Research Involving Human Embryos Act 2002 Current
Ethical Aspects of Human Genetic Testing - an Information Paper Rescinded
Guidelines approved under Section 95AA of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) Rescinded
Guidelines for Ethical Review of Research Proposals for Human Somatic Cell Gene Therapy and Related Therapies (1999) Rescinded
Guidelines for Genetic Registers and Associated Genetic Material (1999) Rescinded
Human gene therapy and related procedures Rescinded
Scientific, Ethical and Regulatory Considerations Relevant to Cloning of Human Beings Rescinded

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