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NHMRC Research Funding Facts Book 2011

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The NHMRC Research Funding Facts Book 2011 contains key statistics related to NHMRC’s research funding and research activity over the last ten years. It reflects NHMRC’s substantial commitment to collecting, reporting and increasing the understanding of health and medical research funding in Australia.


  • In 2001, the NHMRC research funding expenditure was $213 million with 65% to Basic Science, 25% to Clinical medicine, 9% to Public Health and 1% to Health Services Research. This compares with more $746 million expenditure in 2011 (47% to Basic Science, 34% to Clinical medicine, 14% to Public Health and 5% to Health Services Research)
  • During the period 2002-2006, 3.2% of publication outputs from NHMRC Program Grants appeared in the top 1% of the most highly cited publications; this is more than 3 times the world average.
  • Over the period 2003 to 2010, the research workforce directly supported by NHMRC research funding has increased from less than 4000 to more than 8000.
  • End of grant reports indicate that during the period 2004-2010, there were at least 907 grants that reported 2111 instances where an NHMRC funded grant was able to leverage additional funding  at a rate of $2.40 leveraged for every $1 from NHMRC.

More of the latest research funding statistics and facts can be found at NHMRC research funding statistics and data.

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