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Information for Guideline Developers

NHMRC has a legislated role in providing high quality evidence based health advice to government and the community. One way it does this is through the development of high quality clinical practice and public health guidelines. NHMRC also has a role in approving clinical practice guidelines developed by external groups, and in setting standards for high quality guideline development.

Procedures and requirements for meeting the 2011 NHMRC standard for clinical practice guidelines

The 2011 NHMRC Standard applies to all guidelines seeking NHMRC approval.

NHMRC initiatives to support high quality clinical practice guideline development

Information to assist guideline developers in meeting the NHMRC standard for clinical practice guidelines

Guideline Development and Conflicts of Interest

Identifying and Managing Conflicts of Interest of Prospective Members and Members of NHMRC Committees and Working Groups Developing Guidelines.


Page reviewed: 24 January, 2014