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RGMS Training Program


The RGMS training program aims to support researchers and administering institutions with performing common system tasks.

Training is structured around the NHMRC grant lifecycle and offered in two convenient formats (written guides and eLearning).

RGMS  training workflow chart identify key learnign steps

Training Materials

Currently available resources are listed below. We recommend that you check back regularly for new and updated materials.

Introductory Resources

RGMS User Guide - Introduction to RGMS (PDF, 1.57MB)

Application Resources

RGMS User Guide – Applying for Grants (PDF, 1MB)
RGMS eLearning – Applying for Grants

Assessment Resources

RGMS User Guide – Assessment Processes (PDF, 2.32MB)
RGMS eLearning - Assigners

Award Resources

RGMS User Guide – Awarding Grants (1.47MB)

Administration Resources

RGMS User Guide – Grant Administration (PDF, 4.8MB)

Training Materials - Version 13 Upgrade Only

The following training material is for the upgraded V13 RGMS external test preview only.

What's Changed Quick Reference Guide

A quick reference guide to what is changing is available for the information of researchers and RAOs:

Introductory Resources

RGMS Version 13 User Guide - Introduction to RGMS (PDF, 2.25MB)

Application Resources

RGMS Version 13 User Guide - Applying for Grants (PDF, 1.71MB)
RGMS Version 13 eLearning - Applying for Grants

Feedback and Further Assistance

NHMRC endeavors to provide accessible and effective RGMS training to researchers and administering institutions. Please send any feedback regarding training to

For assistance with specific RGMS functions please contact the Research Help Centre.

Page reviewed: 15 October, 2014