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Research Grants Management System (RGMS)

About RGMS

RGMS is a program and portfolio management (PPM) system that enables you to apply for, track and administer NHMRC grants online, as well as participate in peer review.

Researchers can also maintain a profile and curriculum vitae, which is used for application and other administrative purposes.

Accessing RGMS

Registered users can login to RGMS at

To apply for an account, simply follow the New to RGMS link on the RGMS login page, or see the RGMS User Guide - Introduction to RGMS  for more detailed instructions.

Maintenance Windows

To minimise unexpected downtimes and provide predictability, NHMRC has established fixed RGMS maintenance windows between 6am and 9am every Tuesday and Thursday. Please try again later if you are locked out during these periods, or contact the Research Help Centre for further assistance.

RGMS Training Program

A number of user guides and eLearning modules are available to support RGMS users. Refer to the RGMS training page for a list of available materials.

RGMS Profile and CV

Profile and CV Requirements

Completion of the following CV & Profile information is mandatory for all chief investigators (CIs) on an application.

  •  Title
  •  Preferred Phone No
  •  Primary Institution
  •  Broad Research Area
  •  Research Keywords 1 to 5

Additional scheme-specific requirements are outlined in the following document:

Adding Publications to your CV

Publications can be added to your RGMS CV either manually via the CV-Pub: Publications page or by uploading a list via the CV-PU: Publication Uploads page. The following template (provided in two file formats) can be used to upload your publications. See the CV-PU: Publication Uploads page and the RGMS User Guide – Introduction for RGMS (PDF, 1.5MB) for further information.

Offline Application Forms

These forms allow you to prepare offline drafts, which can then be copied and pasted into RGMS. Final applications must be submitted through RGMS.

Important - When clicking on links below, select 'Save' to store a local copy of the form. If you select 'Open' and subsequently use the Back button in your browser, the form and contents will be lost.

Protected Offline forms

Feedback and Further Assistance

NHMRC welcomes all constructive feedback on your RGMS experience. Please email any general feedback to or to if it relates to training.
For assistance using RGMS, please refer to the relevant guide on the RGMS training page, or contact the Research Help Centre by email or phone.

Page last updated on 18 November 2014