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Summary funding data and list of datasets

This dataset is a summary list of the 128 burden of disease and health issue-based datasets available from the 2000-2012 research funding data.  It includes summary details of each of the worksheets within each dataset and details of the currency of each dataset and worksheet. It is suggested as a quick reference point for those seeking time series funding information for particular diseases or health issues.

Sheet one of the Summary details the annual expenditure across the period 2003-2012 for each dataset and for each worksheet within each dataset.

Sheet Two of the Summary provides details of the currency of the data and the date it was prepared. It indicates the date that the dataset or worksheet was originated and the latest date that it was updated.

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As indicated at the top of the Summary List, attempting to aggregate all the data will not provide a total of NHMRC research funding based on datasets and worksheets covered by the summary. This is because much of NHMRC funded research is multi-dimensional /multi-disciplinary. Many grants address more than one disease or condition and may be reported in more than one type. Therefore the total of each type is a discrete total and aggregating all funding for the sub-types will not equal the "Total Funding" row for each disease and health issue.

NHMRC data changes over time. Many grants are indexed annually which may change the funding data marginally within a given year.  Some grants may start later than anticipated which may change the funding sequence for that grant.  Some grants may be included in the data as an approved grant in a particular year but may subsequently be declined and need to be removed in the next year.


While due care has been taken in its preparation, the NHMRC cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness or interpretation of the information.

Page reviewed: 21 October, 2014