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Analysis of End of Grant Reports

The attached presentations in PDF format provide an analysis of End of Grant Reports received for NHMRC funded grants as shown:

This information should be read in conjunction with the NHMRC publications '10 of the Best' and 10 of the Best 2006 which highlight some of the outstanding research results that were sourced from End of Grant Reports.

These analyses are the first of a series of regular analyses that will be undertaken from the information provided through End of Grant Reports. The data from these analyses has and will continue to inform many of the NHMRC's statutory reports to government as well as contributing to measuring the NHMRC's performance.

In summary, the current analysis, which is subject to ongoing development, shows that out of the 1208 available reports for grants that ended in 2003, 2004 and 2005:

  • 65% reported national and international collaborations that leveraged additional funding totaling more than $254 million, including $53 million in 2003 and more than $131 million in 2005, a 150% increase.
  • More than $130 million was leveraged from overseas bodies. Industry provided $40 million and philanthropic organisation $28 million.
  • 27% of all reports indicated commercial activity as a result of the research, including 20 start-up companies.
  • More than 10,000 journal articles and 5000 conference papers were reported as resulting from the grants involved.
  • The 1208 grants also produced more than 1100 higher degree completions.
  • 31% (370) of the grants reported that the research attracted media attention.
Page reviewed: 7 July, 2011