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NHMRC research funding datasets 1990 - 2013

The NHMRC research funding data for the period 1990 to 2013 covering all new and continuing grants funded and active in that 24 year period is contained in the four datasets available here. Each dataset provides the core information on who was funded, what was funded, for how long and how much.

These datasets contain a range of tabulated NHMRC research funding data and are filtered to enable users to conduct separate searches of the data.

Please note that in many cases a grant may appear in more than one of the datasets due to overlap in the grant funding. This should particularly be borne in mind if you download the data and attempt to reproduce the data in a single spreadsheet – you will need to remove the duplicate grant entries.

The first dataset , the Last Ten Years of NHMRC research funding, covers the latest ten year period  of funding  – 2004 to 2013  - and includes tables and charts of some of the reportable data (e.g. funding by states and territories, by research sector, by broad research areas, by funding purpose and by main funding groups).

The next three datasets cover the periods:

  • 2010 to 2019 (shown here as the 'Current Decade' – this dataset will be added to annually until 2019);
  • 2000 to 2009; and
  • 1990 to 1999.

To further assist users, all datasets after 1999 also include investigator allocated keywords and, where available, the lay descriptions or media summary of the research grant.

The current NHMRC funding scheme nomenclature has been used for each of the four datasets and some conversion notes are provided in the 1990 to 1999 dataset.

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Each of the four NHMRC research funding datasets covering the period 1990 - 2012 contains:

Grant ID

The NHMRC identification number assigned to the grant.

CIA Full Name

The name of the first Chief Investigator listed on the grant application. Please note that while there are multiple investigators for many NHMRC grants research support grants, only the CIA is included in these data.

Administering Institutions

The name of the institution that administers the NHMRC grants funding as at the date that the data was extracted from the research database/s.  Please note that the actual research work may be performed external to the administering institution.


The State or Territory in which the Administering Institution is located.


The research sector which is most relevant to the named Administering Institution –  selected from Government, Hospital, Medical Research Institute, University or Other (generally industry or philanthropic groups).

Funding Purpose

This column identifies each grant against one of the objectives of the funding - selected from Building Capacity in People and in Facilities (including infrastructure); supporting research through investigator initiated research including targeted research; and the translation of research results into policy and practice.

Main Funding Group

This column broadly identifies each grant against the type of funding scheme using the following titles for the three main funding groups:

  • People Support - support for individual researchers through established career fellowships, career development fellowships, early career postdoctoral fellowships, translating research into practice fellowships, international exchanges, postgraduate scholarships and targeted capacity building grants.
  • Research Support - investigator initiated research, cross disciplinary multi-institutional collaborative program teams, seed funding to develop potential commercial research activities, strategically targeted and priority driven research, health services and public health research and national and international partnerships and collaborations.
  • Infrastructure Support - funding that enables the development of shared facilities and resources and provides access to national research resources, competitive funding for large equipment grants and infrastructure support for independent medical research institutes.

Grant Type

Funding Scheme

The major funding scheme category for the grant application selected by the Chief Investigator/s from the NHMRC's research management databases.

Grant Subtype

The sub-category of the grant from the relevant funding scheme selected from NHMRC research management databases.

Scientific Title

This is a short title that accurately describes the nature of the project and is  provided by the grant applicants.

Simplified Title

The simple title of the grant that is easily understood by the general public - supplied by the applicants.

App year

The year in which the application for funding from the NHMRC was submitted for peer review.

Start Year

The year in which the grant was first provided with funding.


This is the range of funding years covered across all four datasets. The dollar amounts included in each dataset represent the actual expenditure for each calendar year and forecast expenditure for future years. 

Total $ Awarded

The full amount awarded to the grant across all years of the grant.

Broad Research Area (BRA)

The Broad Research Area identified in the grant application by the Chief Investigator/s or assigned to the grant by the NHMRC; selected from Basic Science, Clinical Medicine and Science, Health Services Research or Public Health.

Fields of Research (FOR)

The fields of research selected by the Chief Investigator/s from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Fields of Research classification list – Based on ABS 1297.0 Australia and New Zealand Standard Research Classifications 2008.

Not Allocated

Equipment Grants, independent medical research infrastructure grants and transitional grants awarded during the de-blocking of Medical Research Institutes have not been allocated either to a BRA or to a FOR because the nature of the funding activity does not adequately align to the classifications available.


The material contained on this site is made available to assist researchers, administering institutions and the general public in searching for NHMRC Grant funding information.

The Commonwealth accepts no liability for any interference with or damage to a user's computer system, software or data occurring through the download and/or usage of these data. Users are encouraged to take appropriate and adequate precautions to ensure that whatever is selected from this website is free of viruses or other contamination that may interfere with or damage the user's computer system, software or data.

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Page reviewed: 20 September, 2013