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NHMRC research funding datasets based on burden of disease and health issues

These datasets reflect disease and health issues that are both relevant to the NHMRC Strategic Plan for 2010-2012 and 2013-2015 and also cover the wide range of information requests received by the NHMRC over the last several years.


This dataset is a summary list of the 128 burden of disease and health issue-based datasets available from the 2000-2012 research funding data.  It includes summary details of each of the worksheets within each dataset and details of the currency of each dataset and worksheet. It is suggested as a quick reference point for those seeking time series funding information for particular diseases or health issues. Sheet one of the Summary details the annual expenditure across the period 2003-2012 for each dataset and for each worksheet within each dataset.Sheet Two of the Summary provides details of the currency of the data and the date it was prepared. It indicates the date that the dataset or worksheet was originated and the latest date that it was updated.

Datasets by Disease / Health Issue

Unless stated otherwise, all datasets in the list below cover the period 2000 - 2013

Disease / health issue File type and size Date of last update
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research XLSX, 2.95MB 20/12/2013
Addiction and Substance Abuse XLSX, 2.64MB 20/12/2013
Adolescent Health XLSX, 279KB 20/12/2013
Aged Care XLSX, 186KB 20/12/2013
Ageing XLSX, 5.22MB 20/12/2013
Allergy XLSX, 1MB 20/12/2013
Arthritic Conditions and Osteoporosis (NHPA) - 20/12/2013
Asbestos Related Disease (including Mesothelioma) XLSX, 72KB 20/12/2013
Asthma (NHPA) - 20/12/2013
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) XLSX, 94KB 20/12/2013
Autism spectrum disorders XLSX, 136KB 20/12/2013
Autoimmune Disorders XLSX, 1.76MB 20/12/2013
Behavioural Science XLSX, 3.29MB 20/12/2013
Bio-ethics and Human health ethics XLSX, 70KB 20/12/2013
Biosecurity XLSX, 515KB 20/12/2013
Biotechnology XLSX, 3.79MB 20/12/2013
Blood-borne Infectious Disease XLSX, 992KB 20/12/2013
Blood Disorders XLSX, 1.59MB 20/12/2013
Bowel Disease XLSX, 245KB 20/12/2013
Cancer (NHPA) - 20/12/2013
Cardiovascular disease (NHPA) - 20/12/2013
Carer’s/care giving and volunteers XLSX, 70KB 20/12/2013
Cerebrospinal Fluid related issues(incl Hydrocephalus) XLSX, 47KB 20/12/2013
Child Health XLSX, 4.63MB 20/12/2013
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome XLSX, 34KB 20/12/2013
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease XLSX, 168KB 20/12/2013
Climate Change Issues XLSX, 57KB 20/12/2013
Clinical Trials XLSX, 3.68MB 20/12/2013
Community Health XLSX, 318KB 20/12/2013
Comparative Effectiveness XLSX, 1.27MB 20/12/2013
Complementary Medicines and Alternative Therapies XLSX, 300KB 20/12/2013
Congenital Abnormalities XLSX, 4.17MB 20/12/2013
Consumer Participation in Research NEW XLSX, 128KB 20/12/2013
Cystic Fibrosis XLSX, 170KB 20/12/2013
Decision Making and Decision support in Research NEW XLSX, 118KB 20/12/2013
Dementia Research (including Alzheimer's Disease) (NHPA) - 20/12/2013
Dental and Oral Health XLSX, 297KB 20/12/2013
Developmental disorders and disabilities XLSX, 1.44MB 20/12/2013
Diabetes (NHPA) - 20/12/2013
Diagnostic Applications XLSX, 329KB 20/12/2013
Digestive System Diseases and Disorders XLSX, 1.54MB 20/12/2013
Disorders of Birth (Congenital), Family (Familial) and Inheritance (Genetics)   XLSX, 2.3MB 20/12/2013
Doctor/Patient Communication  NEW XLSX, 58KB 20/12/2013
Eczema (Dermatitis) XLSX, 50KB 20/12/2013
End of life decision making XLSX, 43KB 20/12/2013
Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders and Issues XLSX, 3.1MB 20/12/2013
Environmental Health Issues XLSX, 1.1MB 20/12/2013
Epidemiology XLSX, 1.5MB 20/12/2013
Evaluation of health care, health services, health interventions, therapies and treatments XLSX, 213KB 20/12/2013
Evidence-based Practice XLSX, 466KB 20/12/2013
Exercise Physiology XLSX, 385KB 20/12/2013
Genitourinary Disorders XLSX, 1.62MB 20/12/2013
Global Health XLSX, 1.23MB 20/12/2013
Guideline development – clinical or ethical XLSX, 115KB 20/12/2013
Health Care Administration XLSX, 39KB 20/12/2013
Health Care Access and Utilisation XLSX, 165KB 20/12/2013
Health Care Counseling XLSX, 145KB 20/12/2013
Health Economics XLSX, 254KB 20/12/2013
Health Education and Literacy XLSX, 185KB 20/12/2013
Health Informatics XLSX, 525KB 20/12/2013
Health Promotion XLSX, 329KB 20/12/2013
Health Services Research XLSX, 1.1MB 20/12/2013
Health workforce XLSX, 113KB 20/12/2013
Hearing Related Issues XLSX, 273KB 20/12/2013
Hepatitis XLSX, 276KB 20/12/2013
Herpes Related Issues XLSX, 177KB 20/12/2013
HIV–AIDS XLSX, 384KB 20/12/2013
Hospital Care and Service Delivery  NEW XLSX, 405KB 20/12/2013
Human Development Issues XLSX, 3.8MB 20/12/2013
Human Genetics and Genomics XLSX, 10.1MB 20/12/2013
Imaging XLSX, 747KB 20/12/2013
Infectious and Parasitical Diseases  XLSX, 4.52MB 20/12/2013
Influenza XLSX, 195KB 20/12/2013
Inherited (Genetics) Diseases and Disorders  NEW XLSX, 2.92MB 20/12/2013
Injury related issues (NHPA) - 20/12/2013
Instruments and techniques XLSX, 122KB 20/12/2013
Internet Medicine and Telehealth XLSX, 258KB 20/12/2013
Kidney/Renal disorders XLSX, 1.65MB 20/12/2013
Liver Disease Issues XLSX, 3.58MB 20/12/2013
Lymphatic System Issues  NEW XLSX, 77KB 20/12/2013
Malaria XLSX, 251KB 20/12/2013
Maternal Health XLSX, 1.43MB 20/12/2013
Medical devices XLSX, 226KB 20/12/2013
Men's Health XLSX, 1.58MB 20/12/2013
Mental Health (NHPA) - 20/12/2013
Metabolic syndrome XLSX, 192KB 20/12/2013
Musculoskeletal and Arthritic Conditions XLSX, 3.66MB 20/12/2013
Nanotechnology XLSX, 185KB 20/12/2013
Nervous Systems (Neuroscience) Disorders XLSX, 10.4MB 20/12/2013
New Food Technologies in Health XLSX, 94KB 20/12/2013
Nursing Related Issues XLSX, 124KB 20/12/2013
Nutritional Deficiencies XLSX, 1.42MB 20/12/2013
Obesity (NHPA) - 20/12/2013
Observational studies XLSX, 975KB 20/12/2013
Occupational Health Issues XLSX, 108KB 20/12/2013
Otorhinolaryngology XLSX, 162KB 20/12/2013
Pain and Pain Management Issues XLSX, 682KB 20/12/2013
Palliative Care XLSX, 118KB 20/12/2013
Parent and Family Health Care XLSX, 218KB 20/12/2013
Patient Safety XLSX, 115KB 20/12/2013
Prevention / preventive medicine XLSX, 4.5MB 20/12/2013
Primary health care and General Practice XLSX, 441KB 20/12/2013
Public and Population Health Issues XLSX, 3.15MB 20/12/2013
Quality of life XLSX, 216KB 20/12/2013
Regenerative Medicine XLSX, 981KB 20/12/2013
Rehabilitation issues XLSX, 969KB 20/12/2013
Reproductive Health Issues XLSX, 2.31MB 20/12/2013
Respiratory Conditions - acute and chronic XLSX, 1.56MB 20/12/2013
Rheumatology and arthritic conditions  NEW XLSX, 2.14MB 20/12/2013
Rural and Remote Health XLSX, 437KB 20/12/2013
Self-Management of Chronic Diseases XLSX, 87KB 20/12/2013
Senses and Sensory Systems XLSX, 1.46MB 20/12/2013
Sexually Transmitted Infections XLSX, 831KB 20/12/2013
Skin Disorders XLSX, 283KB 20/12/2013
Sleep Disorders XLSX, 296KB 20/12/2013
Social and Socio-Economic Aspects of Health XLSX, 1.14MB 20/12/2013
Speech and Language Disorders XLSX, 189KB 20/12/2013
Statistics and Mathematical Modeling XLSX, 316KB 20/12/2013
Stem Cells Research XLSX, 3.69MB 20/12/2013
Stroke Research XLSX, 1.02MB 20/12/2013
Surgery related issues XLSX, 591KB 20/12/2013
Tobacco Usage XLSX, 178KB 20/12/2013
Transplantation Immunology XLSX, 536KB 20/12/2013
Trauma and related issues XLSX, 530KB 20/12/2013
Tuberculosis XLSX, 99KB 20/12/2013
Vaccines and Antiviral Development XLSX, 1.36MB 20/12/2013
Vision Sciences and Ophthalmology Issues XLSX, 693KB 20/12/2013
Water Related Issues XLSX, 43KB 20/12/2013
Women's Health Issues XLSX, 2.95MB 20/12/2013


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