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Research funding statistics and data


This site enables stakeholders and users of NHMRC data to have direct access to the most consistent and best available information on NHMRC funded research. The datasets and worksheets have been produced by the NHMRC Statistics Unit and will be updated annually through a rolling review process to include the current year's research funding details.

The datasets and worksheets are based on the review of each individual grant against a range of investigator provided data classification and search options including Burden of Disease allocations, Fields of Research, keywords, grant titles and, where available, investigator provided lay descriptions/media summaries. The process may result in the allocation of grants to more than one disease, disorder or health issue. No attempt has been made to apportion the funding where more than one disease or disorder is indicated.

These data will change over time and represent a snapshot of the NHMRC‘s research funding activity at the time that the data was extracted from our systems.

Statistics and data collections

Summary of annual funding commitments 2009 to 2013

Based on the announcements for new research funding commitments since the 2008 Application Round (funding years 2009 to 2013) with links to the NHMRC website where details of the funding announcements and awards are located.

Summary Tables of annual funded rates for Research Institutions applying for funding in the period 2008 to 2012

These data provide summary tables of the proportion of funded grants from all applications received and peer reviewed across the various grant schemes over the period from application year 2008 to application year 2012. In the case of Project Grants, data on the number of applications that were rated as fundable but not funded is also included.

NHMRC Project Grants success rate by Broad Research Area

This dataset contains details of the success rate for Project Grants from the 2005 through to 2012 Application Rounds against the four research pillars – Basic Science, Clinical Medicine and Science, Health Services Research and Public Health. This dataset contains details of the funded rate (proportion of funded grants against applications for funding peer reviewed) for Project Grants against the four research pillars – Basic Science, Clinical Medicine and Science, Health Services Research and Public Health.

NHMRC core funding data   

The NHMRC research funding data for period 1990 to 2013 covering all new and continuing grants funded and active in that 24 year period. Provides the core information on who was funded, what was funded, for how long and how much. Whilst the data is filtered to enable user interrogation, it also provides a range of tabulated data to assist. The data is provided in four datasets:

NHMRC Research Funding Facts Book 2012

Contains key statistics related to NHMRC research funding and research activity over the last ten years.

Major Health Issues Likely to Arise

As required by the National Health and Medical Research Act (1992) and outlined in the NHMRC 2010-2012 Strategic Plan, the following major health issues are the subject of special consideration:

  1. Building a self-improving  health system
  2. Indigenous health and well-being
  3. Ageing and health
  4. Chronic disease
  5. Mental health
  6. Genomic medicine and frontier technologies
  7. Planning for emerging infectious disease threats
  8. Examining alternative therapy claims
  9. Global health
  10. Health consequences of climate change.

National Register of Public Health Research

The National Register of Public Health Research provides for greater transparency in the conduct and reporting of results of government, non-government and commercially supported public health research. The pilot phase of the National Register of Public Health Research contains details of NHMRC-funded research projects only. In future, researchers will be welcome to add information on their research projects that are not part of this initial pilot.

Summary of Research achievements based on the Investigators End of Grant Report

A series of summary reports that includes both the research intention through the investigator provided lay summary from the grant application and the research outcomes summary from the investigator provided End of Grant Report (contains details from more than 3300 reports as at August 2010).  The summaries cover:

Lay or Media summaries for NHMRC research grants

Lay Summaries or Media Summaries for all research support grants (projects, program and strategic grants) and people support grants (career fellowships, early career training fellowships and postgraduate scholarships) that are available electronically since the 2000 Application Round are contained in the datasets available through the NHMRC core funding data and also in the individual NHMRC research funding datasets based on burden of disease and health issues.

Please note that while lay summaries for most Research Support grant types are available, only People Support grants awarded since the 2007 Application Round have lay or media summaries available electronically and therefore available for inclusion in these datasets.

Lay summaries for the 2012 application round are available separately in the attached spreadsheet and will be incorporated into the core funding data and burden of disease datasets over the next 12 months.

Summary list of NHMRC research funding data

A quick reference list providing a one line summary of the funding for the ten year period 2003-2012 for the wide range of burden of disease and health issues datasets (including National Health Priority Areas and NHMRC priorities) that are available on the NHMRC Statistics Portal. The currency of the data is also provided.

National Health Priority Areas (NHPAs)

Research funding data for the Australian Government’s nominated national health priorities (arthritis, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia,diabetes, injury, mental health and obesity).

NHMRC research priorities

The current NHMRC Research priority is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's health.

NHMRC research funding datasets based on burden of disease and health issues

Here there are 128 datasets, each with a summary page; a calendar year and a financial year page for all grants in each dataset. Within these datasets there are 911 separate worksheets for the different sub-types within each disease or health issue. For example, the Cancer dataset, in addition to the summary page, calendar year and financial year all grants data has in excess of 50 sub-type worksheets (from bone cancer to testicular cancer).

Each burden of disease and health issues dataset contains a Summary page which provides details of the total expenditure by both calendar and financial year for the full period of the funding for all the worksheets contained in the workbook as well as details on the data collection/presentation methodology. Each worksheet within a dataset also contains a Summary of Expenditure for each year of data shown, including the number of active grants each year and details of the remaining out years funding.

As NHMRC funding is awarded on a calendar year basis, the funding information provided in the datasets and worksheets is the annual expenditure for each calendar year. However, each dataset will also include a worksheet that shows and summarises financial year funding for all grants in that workbook. For example, the cancer dataset will have both a calendar year and a financial year worksheet for all cancer grants whereas the Breast Cancer sub-types worksheet will be provided in calendar year form only.


The information provided in these data is provided free of charge by the NHMRC for the benefit of stakeholders and the public. While due care has been taken in its preparation, the NHMRC cannot guarantee and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, currency, completeness or interpretation of the information.


As a part of the NHMRC's ongoing commitment to consistently provide the best available information on NHMRC funding to all stakeholders and the Australian public, we are seeking feedback regarding the usability and usefulness of the data contained in the statistics portal. Your feedback will be used to improve the quality and presentation of the information provided. Further information and assistance is available from the NHMRC Statistics Unit via email at

Page reviewed: 21 October, 2014