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Project Grants

The objective of the Project Grants scheme is to support the creation of new knowledge by funding the best investigator-initiated research project plan of five years, or less, in any area relevant to human health.

A Project Grant application must outline a research proposal that describes the investigation of a new research idea/s.  The proposal must support a particular set of aims and the budget must be directed to those aims.  All Project Grants applications must be of five years, or less.  Single investigators or teams of up to ten chief investigators are supported as well as New Investigators (early career investigators) see Section 6 for further details.

2014 Project Grants funding round

Key dates

The key dates for the Project Grants 2014 funding round are as follows:

  • Wednesday 4 December 2013 - Applications Open
  • Wednesday 22 January 2014 - deadline for Citizenship waiver requests
  • Wednesday 22 January 2014 - deadline for New Investigator rulings
  • Wednesday 5 March 2014 at 17:00 hours AEDT – Applications Close

Applicant Response (rebuttal) Dates

The anticipated timeframes listed for ‘NHMRC Project Grant Applicant Response Period - 2014’ indicate the earliest and latest possible dates that assessor comments will be released.  The actual date of release is dependent on the receipt of all assessor reports for the application.  Applicants will be notified by email when their assessor comments are available and will have up to 10 days to complete their rebuttal response.

2014 External Assessor’s Briefing Pack

Summary of 2013 Survey Results

Changes to New Investigator eligibility criterion for 2014 Project Grants

Significant changes have been made to the New Investigator eligibility criterion for the 2014 Project Grants funding round. These changes can be viewed at Section 6 of the 2014 NHMRC Funding Rules incorporating the Project Grants scheme for funding commencing in 2015 (Funding Rules).

Five Year Project Grants

Project Grants are for five years, or less. The GRP will consider how the requested budget and requested duration of the grant supports the proposed outcomes of the application, and may adjust the duration and budget of the grant to ensure the project can be achieved, while ensuring value-for-money.

For details on 2013 funded rates for Project Grant applications requesting five years of funding go to:

Clinical Trials

NHMRC will only be able to fund a limited number of clinical trials and may require applicants to find co-funding as a prerequisite for NHMRC support if Clinical Trials Peer Review Panel members determine that this is warranted.

Apply for Funding

The NHMRC’s Research Grants Management System (RGMS) must be used to access/update your CV and profile and to submit your Project Grant application.

Applicants who are not yet registered on RGMS, should contact the Research Help Centre on for more information.

A complete Project Grant application must consist of the following:

  1. Completion of Parts A and B (including the Grant Proposal pdf) of the application form; and
  2. The relevant information in your RGMS profile and CV

Prior to submission of an application for Project Grant funding, applicants are to ensure they:

  • read all relevant reference material; and
  • liaise with their Administering Institution to identify any specific requirements that the Institution may have.

Applicants should note that as a result of streamlining the application and assessment (peer review) process for NHMRC schemes, less information will be required in the application compared to previous years. View more information on the Streamlining and Application Assessment Project.

Documentation to apply for a Project Grant

  1. NHMRC Funding Rules incorporating the Project Grants scheme for funding commencing in 2015
    • (Scheme specific changes can be found on in Part 2 of this document)
  2. Advice and Instructions to applicants for funding commencing in 2015
  3. NHMRC Project Grants Peer Review Guidelines for funding commencing in 2015 (PDF, 1MB)
  4. 'Guide to Peer Review Areas' and 'Fields of Research (FoR) and Broad Research Area (BRA)' documents:
  5. Criteria for Health and Medical Research of Indigenous Australians
    Applicable for applicants applying for NHMRC Project Grants funding in the area of Indigenous Health
  6. Research Classifications Guides including Broach Research Area, Fields of Research & NHMRC Keyword ⁄ Phrases
  7. Budget mechanism for Project Grants funding commencing in 2015
  8. 2014 NHMRC Project Grants Category Descriptors (PDF, 130KB)

Funding by Other Organisations

External Funding Schemes

In 2014, organisations offering funding through the NHMRC Project Grants funding scheme include:

While the funding of applications is managed by the external funding organisation, NHMRC conducts the peer review process. Applicants may select one or more funding organisation/s on their application form to indicate that the application/s are to be forwarded to the organisation for consideration of funding.  NHMRC is unable to forward the application to an external funding organisation without the applicant’s permission.  Following the peer review of applications NHMRC provides the nominated organisation/s with the outcomes of the assessment process for applications that are considered fundable, but not funded by NHMRC.  Any additional/supplementary questions required by the organisation are to be submitted directly to that funding organisation.

For more information on how to apply for funding from these external funding parties, applicants should refer to their websites and to the NHMRC Funding Rules incorporating the Project Grants scheme for funding commencing in 2015.

Gap Funding

External organisations may have funding available to support research in specific areas and use the NHMRC Project Grants scheme to identify such projects. External organisations that have expressed an interest in providing funding for suitable Project Grant applications are:

Gap funding is aimed at supporting fundable research proposals that are unsuccessful through the NHMRC Project Grants scheme. Applications that address specific research areas identified by the funding organisation may be funded through this mechanism. The decision to ‘gap-fund’ a fundable Project Grant application that is not funded by NHMRC is made by the partner organisation which may request additional information from potentially suitable applicants. The duration, budget and award requirements for gap funding will vary according to the organisation.

Not for Further Consideration (NFFC) Process

Summary of NFFC process and outcomes

The Not for Further Consideration (NFFC) process was introduced into the peer review of Project Grants in 2010. This process identifies the least competitive applications received by NHMRC based on initial scores provided by the primary and secondary spokespersons and aims to remove them from progressing further through to the face-to-face GRP process. A summary of the overall process may be found here.

Further Information

If you require more information, direct your inquiry to your Research Administration Office in the first instance.

If you require assistance and are unable to satisfy your concern by seeking assistance through your administering institution:

Contact the Research Help Centre on 1800 500 983, or email