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Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases

The Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD) supports international and interdisciplinary collaborations in research, focusing on chronic non-communicable diseases.

Particular emphasis is placed on cardiovascular diseases (mainly heart disease and stroke), type 2 diabetes and chronic respiratory conditions and several cancers. Work of the GACD focuses on the needs of low and middle income countries (LMICs) and on low income populations in more developed countries.

Current members of the GACD include:

  • Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS)
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
  • Research and Innovation DG, European Commission (EC)
  • Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
  • Medical Research Council, UK (MRC)
  • National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
  • National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
  • Medical Research Council, South Africa (MRC)

In 2011, NHMRC participated in the first GACD joint initiative: a call for research on hypertension in low and middle income countries. NHMRC committed $5 million to research on the implementation of programs designed to control and prevent hypertension and reduce the associated disease burden in target communities.

Grants were awarded for teams of researchers looking to build on previous research that has examined the efficacy of preventative and control-based approaches. Funding was provided for up to three years.

Outcomes of the GACD hypertension RFA can be found here.

Funding Opportunities

Global Alliance for Chronic Disease (GACD) Request for Applications: Prevention and treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is participating in a GACD Request for Applications (RFA) on the prevention and treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC).

As part of this call NHMRC also invites proposals addressing the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations.

A total of $5m is available for research grants for periods of up to five years.

The aim of this call is to fund projects that will generate new knowledge on interventions and their implementation for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes in either, low and middle income countries (LMIC) as defined by The World Bank1,  or in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations.

Full details of the aim, scope and assessment criteria of this call can be found on the GACD website.

Application Process

The RFA will be undertaken in a two stage process:

  • Letter of Intent (LOI), reviewed by expert peers selected by the NHMRC. Applications favourably assessed at this stage will be invited by the NHMRC to submit full applications.
  • Full applications will be reviewed by a joint panel of international peers selected by participating GACD agencies.

Researchers based in Australia wishing to be considered for funding by the NHMRC under the GACD Request for Applications are invited to submit a Letter of Intent outlining their proposal. 

Further Information

Letters of Intent are to be submitted by 30 January 2014 as a PDF emailed to  Applicants are advised to retain a copy of the PDF file they submit.

Application consent – in submitting this application please confirm your consent to the application being referred to other participating GACD member agencies for the purpose of peer review.

GACD seeks to encourage international collaboration between researchers.  Joint proposals between Australian Chief Investigators and either India-based or China-based Chief Investigators should be submitted as identical LOI’s by the due date to each respective funding agency (NHMRC, and/or IMRC, CAMS). Only research proposals that are independently accepted by both GACD partners will be invited to lodge a full application. 

Important Dates

  • Letters of Intent OPEN - October 31 2013
  • Letters of Intent CLOSE - January  30 2014
  • *Full Applications OPEN - April  2014
  • Full Applications CLOSE - July  2014

*NOTE: Only applications favourably assessed by NHMRC at the LOI stage will be eligible to submit a full application.

Delayed opening of full applications stage

Following the close of the Letters of Intent (LOI) stage of the NHMRC/GACD Request for Applications (RFA) on Type 2 Diabetes in Low and Middle Income Countries, the NHMRC has received a number of applications requesting co-funding from other GACD member agencies. These agencies have not yet completed the LOI stage of the RFA.

Due to this the NHMRC has been required to delay the opening of the full application stage. At this stage we expect that the full application stage will open in late April 2014. The closing date for full applications will also be adjusted accordingly.

Successful LOI applicants will be informed directly of the opening date and provided additional detail as soon as we have confirmation of the date.

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