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Many of NHMRC’s funding schemes address multiple Priority Actions under our 2013-15 Strategic Plan. Our schemes have been categorised below according to their logical and/or primary strategic intention (Create, Translate, Build, Partner) rather than by research topic or discipline. A directory of previous NHMRC grants can be found here.

Grants to Create New Knowledge

These grants focus on providing funding to support the research undertaken to promote the health of all Australians through the creation of knowledge.

Support integrated teams of the highest quality researchers to pursue broadly based, collaborative research addressing complex problems.

Support investigator-initiated research projects relevant to health across all fields of research, from basic research through to research in clinical and community settings.

Grants to Accelerate Research Translation

NHMRC’s translational schemes fund high quality researchers to conduct the research needed to support the production of scholarly evidence to inform policy and/or practice and the intellectual work to better deal with complex translation pathways.

Support research that aims to improve health outcomes, and promote/or improve translation of research outcomes into policy and/or practice. The scheme also supports researchers in capacity building activities in specific areas of need identified by NHMRC.

Support individual researchers, research teams, or health and medical research companies in partnership with a researcher/s to undertake health and medical research at the early proof of-principle or pre-seed stage, focusing on research that has commercialisation potential.

Support priority research in emerging and defined areas of need with a goal to improve the health outcomes for human populations.

Support teams of researchers to undertake collaborative research, promote effective translation of research, and develop capacity under a dementia research priority framework spanning primary prevention, secondary prevention and treatment, and quality of life and care.

Grants to Build Australia’s Future Capability

To build Australia’s future capability for research and translation, NHMRC funds the best and brightest researchers and research teams and provides infrastructure support grants to support the infrastructure required to complete health and medical research in Australia.

Support outstanding health and medical graduates early in their career so that they can be trained to conduct research that is internationally competitive and to develop a capacity for original independent research.

Enable developing health and medical researchers of outstanding ability to undertake advanced training in health and medical research either in Australia or overseas.

Support the most outstanding mid-career health and medical researchers to undertake research that is of major importance in its field and of significant benefit to Australian health and medical research.

Support Australia’s best health and medical research talent in full-time research to further develop as leaders in their field and to contribute to the Australian research community through active participation.

Support research that results in the translation of new evidence into improved clinical practice and health policy and that delivers improvements in health and healthcare to Australians.

Provide protected time for health care professionals, personnel and policy makers to develop the range of skills needed for leadership in research translation and to apply evidence to translate research into health care and public health improvements.

Aims to enhance the development and maintenance of infrastructure in independent medical research institutes for the support of high quality health and medical research.

Provides funding to support competitively funded medical research. The funding is allocated on a pro rata basis to Administering Institutions according to their share of the total funding awarded by the NHMRC for research each year.

Work With Partners

NHMRC Partnerships for Better Health aims to improve the availability and quality of research evidence to decision makers who design policy and to inform the policy process by supporting more effective connections between the decision makers and the researchers.

Create opportunities for researchers and partner organisations to form alliances to define and undertake research, interpret its findings and promote the use of those findings to influence the design and evaluation of health and health care policy and practice.

Support implementation of research-informed changes in health systems, knowledge exchange and collaborative new research in areas central to improving the health of Australians.

Collaborative Grants

Collaborative grants aim to provide assistance to Australian researchers to participate in multinational research collaborative projects with international researchers. The focus of these grants can be knowledge creation and/or research translation.

Budget Mechanisms for NHMRC Research Funding

The budget mechanisms will assist NHMRC grant applicants in the preparation of the budget component of their grant application.


Page reviewed: 14 October, 2014