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Research achievements

In keeping with NHMRC's commitment to open access to research findings, and to enable public access to Australian Government funding information, the attached datasets provide summary reports of the results of NHMRC funded research, as provided by the investigators.  All available End of Grant Reports held electronically by the NHMRC for grants ending between 2004 and 2012 are included.

There are currently more than 5700 End of Grant Reports available in the NHMRC’s electronic database. The latest version of the lay summaries and research outcomes information forms the basis of the website information. The information contained in the research achievements summary reports available here include:

  • the lay summary provided by the investigators from their grant applications (where available);
  • media summary of research outcomes as reported by the investigators through their end-of-grant reports; and
  • any potential future outcomes indicated by the investigators.

Download the dataset

Number of Reports available as at 30 Jun 2013

  • All Grants – 5727
  • Arthritis - 267
  • Asthma - 175
  • Cancer - 1213
  • Cardiovascular disease - 820
  • Dementia - 157
  • Diabetes - 410
  • Indigenous Health - 171
  • Injury - 359
  • Mental Health - 376
  • Obesity - 222

Note to investigators

While the NHMRC will endeavor to ensure that minor spelling and formatting errors are corrected, we will not otherwise change the text of any documents unless advised to by the investigators.

Investigators involved in the research may wish to review their original input and MAY make changes to improve the presentation of the information. In this case, they should forward any changes they wish to make to


The material contained on this site is made available to assist researchers, administering institutions and the general public in searching for NHMRC Grant funding information.

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Page last updated on 28 January 2014