Research funding statistics and data

The datasets on this page are updated annually to include each year’s new awards and to refresh the data for continuing grants.

These data represent a snapshot of the NHMRC‘s research funding activity at the time that the data was extracted from our systems.

NHMRC funding data has undergone some recent cleaning to improve data quality. As part of the data cleaning process, some grants previously reported in these datasets that were co-funded by the NHMRC, but administered through other organisations, have been removed as these grants are reported by those organisations. As such, some historical funding amounts have changed from previous versions.

NHMRC Research Funding Facts Book

Key statistics and trends related to NHMRC research funding and research activity over the last ten years.

NHMRC research funding data - 2000 to 2014

The All Grants – 2000 to 2014 dataset contains details of all research grants during the period from 2000 to 2014. The dataset contains all publicly available details including research achievements and expected future outcomes from Final Reports when available.

The Summary Tables 2000 – 2014 dataset contains tables that summarise the data from the All Grants – 2000 to 2014 dataset. These summaries include funding by the main funding groups, grant types and sub types, states and territories, research sectors, broad research areas and administering institutions.

Both datasets contain a worksheet that provides explanatory information on the terminology used.

NHMRC Research Funding – Disease/disorders or health condition based data collections

Within these datasets there are separate worksheets for the different disease/disorder sub-types within each disease or health issue. The datasets cover more than 800 disease/disorder worksheets.

Allocation of NHMRC funding to these datasets is based on the review of each individual grant against a range of investigator provided data classifications including Burden of Disease allocations, Fields of Research, keywords, grant titles and media summaries. The process may result in the allocation of grants to more than one disease, disorder or health issue. No attempt has been made to apportion the funding where more than one disease or disorder is indicated.

Burden of disease and health issues

NHMRC and other Australian Government priorities

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples health

The following dataset contains grants and funding data for the current NHMRC research priority - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples health.

National Health Priority Areas

These datasets represent NHMRC research funding against the Australian Government’s National Health Priority Areas.

NHMRC Analysis of Australian Health and Medical Research Publications

NHMRC regularly publishes reports on the scientific publication output and the citation impact of NHMRC-funded research, and of Australian health and medical research more broadly.

National Register of Public Health Research

The pilot phase of the National Register of Public Health Research - contains details of NHMRC-funded research projects only.

Governance Reporting