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Outcomes of funding rounds


NHMRC Funding Announcements and Summaries – 2014 Grant Application Round

Offers of award for NHMRC research grants are made to Australian researchers and research institutions as soon as possible following the approval of the funding by the Minister for Health. The data presented here represent the funding committed by the NHMRC for research grants approved by the Minister. Subsequent NHMRC administrative processes and researcher decisions may result in some of the grants not being taken up or being delayed and therefore will impact on the accuracy of the data over time.

Grant Announcement 17 October 2014 - $580.2 million

On 17 October 2014,  the Prime Minister, the Hon Tony Abbott MP and the Minister for Health, the Hon Peter Dutton MP, announced funding for 848 new grants including  555  Project Grants ($421.1 million), 8 Partnership Projects ($7.3 million), 19 Centres of Research Excellence ($47.3 million), 125 Early Career Fellowships ($39.4 million), 58 Career Development Fellowships ($24.1 million), 10 Translating Research into Practice Fellowships ($1.7 million), 47 Equipment grants ($6 million) and 26 Independent Medical Research Institutions Infrastructure grants ($32.7 million).

Grant Announcement 29 August 2014 - $71.2 million

On 29 August 2014, the Minister for Health, the Hon Peter Dutton MP, announced funding for 74 new Research Fellowships and 28 current fellowship extensions ($58.5 million), 17 new Practitioner Fellowships ($8.0 million) and four Targeted Calls for Indigenous Youth Suicide research grants ($.5 million).

Results of the 2013 NHMRC Grant Application Round

The 2013 NHMRC Grant Application Round resulted in the commitment of more than $811 million to fund health and medical research including 1220 new grants to universities, medical research institutions and hospitals across Australia.

Compliance Reporting

From 1 January 2009 the Department of Finance and Regulation has required grants approvals to be reported on agencies' websites in a particular format.

Grants to Create New Knowledge

Project Grants - updated 17 October 2014

Program Grants

Grants to Accelerate Research Translation

Centres of Research Excellence - updated 17 October 2014

Development Grants

Targeted and Urgent Calls for Research

Targeted Call for Research

Urgent Call for Research

Grants to Build Australia's Future Capability


Early Career Fellowships - updated 17 October 2014

Career Development Fellowships - updated 17 October 2014

Research Fellowships

Practitioner Fellowships

Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) Fellowships - updated 17 October 2014

John Cade Fellowship in Mental Health Research

Training (Postdoctoral) Fellowships

NHMRC / Primary Health Care Research, Evaluation and Development (PHCRED) Fellowships

NHMRC Fellowship Holders

Work with Partners

Partnership Projects - updated 17 October 2014

Partnership Centres

Collaborative Grants

NHMRC – European Union Collaborative Research Grants

Global Alliance for Chronic Disease (GACD)

Outcomes of the A*STAR/NHMRC Joint Grant Call for Research on Utilising Integrative Technologies to Combat Emerging Infectious Disease

Infrastructure Support

National Health Research Enabling Capabilities (NHREC)/Enabling Grants

Independent Research Institute Infrastructure Support Scheme (IRIISS) - updated 17 October 2014

Equipment Grants - updated 17 October 2014


NHMRC funded research on the effects of electromagnetic energy on human health

Outcomes of funding rounds including Health Services, Ageing Well, General Practice and other specific research grants


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