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Postgraduate Scholarships

The aim of the NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarships (PGS) scheme is to support outstanding health and medical graduates early in their career so that they can be trained to conduct research that is internationally competitive and to develop a capacity for original independent research within Australia. This is achieved by NHMRC funding successful applicants to attain a research based postgraduate degree (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Masters Degree).

Changes to the Postgraduate Scholarship scheme for 2014

  • Clarification has been added around the requirements of part-time Scholarships;
  • Scholars can still apply for a six-month extension in limited exceptional circumstances however they can no longer apply for a six-month extension in order to write their thesis;
  • Scholarships awarded for a MSc will not be extended if converting to a PhD.  This condition has not changed from previous years, but has not been explicitly stated in previous funding rules. As some applicants have been under the impression that such extensions may be permitted, text has been added for clarification purposes; and
  • Bridging support has been removed.

For a full list of changes to the PGS scheme, please refer to Section 3 of the NHMRC Funding Rules incorporating the Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme for funding commencing in 2015.

Additional Information

An introduction and category details can be found at this location:

Applying for Funding

The NHMRC’s Research Grants Management System (RGMS) must be used to access/enter your Profile and CV, and to submit your PGS application. Applicants that are not yet registered in RGMS should contact the Research Help Centre (RHC) at for more information.

A complete PGS application consists of:

  1. Parts A and B of the application form, including all required PDF uploads; and
  2. The relevant information in your RGMS Profile and CV.

Prior to submission, applicants are to ensure they:

  1. Read all the relevant reference material;
  2. Liaise with their Administering Institution to identify any specific requirements that the institution may have; and
  3. Ensure their application is complete and correct. Once an application has been submitted to NHMRC, it will be considered final and no changes can be accepted.

Applicants are advised to contact the Research Administration Office (RAO) at their Administering Institution early in the application process and are asked to direct any questions they may have to their RAO.

Key dates

The key dates for the 2014 PGS application round for funding commencing in 2015 are:

  • Applications open: Wednesday 30 April 2014
  • Applications close 1700 hrs (5:00PM) (AEST), Wednesday 25 June 2014

Documentation to Apply for a Postgraduate Scholarship

  1. NHMRC Funding Rules incorporating the Postgraduate Scholarships Scheme for funding commencing in 2015
  2. NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarships Co-Funding Partners 2014 (PDF, 212KB)
    • For applicants wishing to apply for a Co-Funded PGS, this document details current NHMRC PGS co-funding partners
  3. PGS Peer Review Guidelines for funding commencing in 2015 (PDF, 437KB)
  4. PGS Referee Report – With an RGMS profile (DOC, 74KB)
  5. PGS Referee Report – Without an RGMS profile (DOC, 69KB)

Further Information

If you require more information, direct your inquiry to your Research Administration Office in the first instance.
If you are unable to satisfy your concerns by seeking assistance through your Administering Institution, please contact the Research Help Centre on 1800 500 983, or by email

Page last updated on 2 June 2014