NHMRC – NIH BRAIN Initiative Collaborative Research Grants

The NHMRC – NIH BRAIN scheme provides a contribution to Australian institutions and researchers who are participating in leading international collaborative research that has been selected for funding through the NIH BRAIN Initiative. 
The BRAIN Initiative is a US Presidential initiative to revolutionise understanding of the human brain. The aim of the initiative is to accelerate the development and application of innovative technologies to assist researchers to produce a revolutionary new dynamic picture of the brain that, for the first time, will show how individual cells and complex neural circuits interact in both time and space. The BRAIN initiative is intended to enable researchers to discover new ways to treat, cure, and even prevent brain disorders.
Further information on the BRAIN Initiative is available from the NIH website.

To be eligible for NHMRC – NIH BRAIN scheme funding, Australian researchers must apply to the NIH BRAIN Initiative as part of a collaborative Australia-US application.

Apply for funding

The NHMRC’s Research Grants Management System (RGMS) must be used to access/update your Profile and CV and to submit your NHMRC – NIH BRAIN scheme application.

Applicants who are not yet registered with RGMS, should contact the Research Help Centre on help@nhmrc.gov.au for more information.

A complete NHMRC – NIH BRAIN scheme application must consist of the following:

  1. Completion of Parts A and B (including the Grant Proposal PDF using the template) of the application form;
  2. The relevant information in your RGMS profile; and
  3. A copy of the proposal submitted to the NIH.

Prior to submission of an application for NHMRC – NIH BRAIN scheme funding, applicants need to ensure they have:

  • read all relevant reference material; and
  • liaise with their Administering Institution to identify any specific requirements that the Institution might have.

Key Dates

The key dates for the NHMRC – NIH BRAIN scheme application round are as follows:

  • NHMRC – NIH BRAIN documentation available: 1 October 2015
  • Applications open in RGMS: 9 December 2015
  • Applications close: 17:00 hrs (5:00pm) AEDT, 20 January 2016


The specific NIH BRAIN Initiative topic that NHMRC intends to support through the 2015 NHMRC – NIH BRAIN scheme for funding in 2016 is:

“Foundations of Non-Invasive Functional Human Brain Imaging and Recording – Bridging Scales and Modalities”

Documentation to Apply to the NHMRC – NIH BRAIN scheme

These must be read in conjunction with the NHMRC Funding Rules 2015 and NHMRC Advice and Instructions to Applicants 2015.

Research Classifications Guides including Broad Research Area, Fields of Research & NHMRC Keyword ⁄ Phrases

NHMRC – NIH BRAIN Applications in Indigenous Health and Well-being

  • Indigenous Research Excellence Criteria - see Section 6.2 of the NHMRC Funding Rules 2015

Further information

If you require more information, direct your inquiry to your Research Administration Office in the first instance.

If you require assistance and are unable to satisfy your concern by seeking assistance through your administering institution:

Contact the Research Help Centre on 1800 500 983, or email help@nhmrc.gov.au.