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Progress and Final Reporting

The Funding Agreement and Deeds of Agreement require the Administering Institution ensure that Progress and Final Reports for each grant are prepared and submitted to NHMRC by the Chief Investigator A by the date specified in the Funding Agreement or Funding Rules.

The purpose of the Reports is to collect information about the progress and outcomes of the research. Information provided in the Reports is used to satisfy legal and whole of government reporting requirements in relation to the administration of funding. Reports are assessed by NHMRC staff. Failure to complete and submit reports may result in funding being suspended until the Report is provided, and may lead to grant holders being ineligible to apply for and receive further grants.

Progress Reports

With the exception of Scholarship and Enabling Grants (see below) all NHMRC grants with a Funding Period greater than one year require the submission of progress report(s) through RGMS. Research Support grants require the submission of annual progress reports, while People Support grants require the submission of a mid-term progress report.

Annual progress reports must be submitted to NHMRC by 30 April following each calendar year of funding, while mid-term progress reports must be submitted two months after the midpoint of the grant, usually 31 August in the third year.

The RGMS User Guide – Research Administration is available for CIAs and RAOs to assist with the submission of reports through RGMS. The user guide is located on the following page of the NHMRC website under RGMS Training Program.

Progress Reports – Scholarships, Enabling grants

For NHMRC Scholarships, an annual statement on the progress of scholars is only required if satisfactory progress has not been achieved. In this case, relevant information should be provided to the NHMRC by 31 December each year.

For Enabling Grants the following template is to be used to submit annual progress reports:

Scholarships and Enabling grant progress reports are to be emailed to

Final Reports

A Final Report must be submitted to NHMRC no later than six months after the funding period has been completed. Final Reports cannot be submitted through RGMS. Final reports are required for all NHMRC grants. The NHMRC Research Achievements Summary may be made available on the NHMRC website. With the exception of Scholarship grants (see below) the Final Report is to be completed using the following template.

Instructions for the completion and submission of the Final Report are available below:

Any research outputs associated with the grant which the Final Report relates to, including publications and patents, must be recorded in the RGMS Profile and CV section and linked to the grant which the final report is for, prior to the submission of the report

Final Reports – Scholarships

Within one month of completion of the Scholarship, the Scholar’s Supervisor is required to submit a brief informative report describing the work performed and any publications arising during the tenure of the award. The report should be emailed to

There are no reporting requirements for the Scholar.

Page last updated on 20 May 2014