Administering grants

Administering Institutions

Institutions that receive NHMRC funding are required to be approved as an Administering Institution.

Grants Administration

All grants funded by the NHMRC are offered in accordance with the Funding Agreement or a Deed of Agreement between the NHMRC and the Administering Institution.

Key responsibilities when administering NHMRC grants

Institutional Approvals 

Under the Funding Agreement and Deeds of Agreement, Administering Institutions must obtain and maintain any necessary approvals for the duration of the Funding Period.

Use of NHMRC grant funds

Under the Funding Agreement and Deeds of Agreement, grant funds must only be spent on the Direct Costs of Research and for the purposes of the peer reviewed, approved research.

Financial Reporting

In accordance with the Funding Agreement and Deeds of Agreement all Administering Institutions are required to submit financial reports for each funded grant.

Progress and Final Reporting

Reports are to be completed by the Specified Personnel and are to be submitted by Administering Institutions for each funded grant.

Grantee Variations

Where there is a need to change the approved funding proposal, such as extending the Funding Period or transferring the administration of an NHMRC funded grant to a new Administering Institution and/or supervisor, a request for grantee variation is required to be submitted to NHMRC.