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Community and Consumer Advisory Group

NHMRC established  the Community and Consumer Advisory Group (CCAG) in 2013 to provide timely, high level, strategic advice to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), including its Council and Principal Committees, on health matters and on health and medical research matters from a consumer and community perspective.

Collectively, the CCAG represents a comprehensive and informed understanding of the perspectives and dynamics of the community and health consumers. CCAG has a key role in providing advice on Cases for Action developed by the Research Translation Faculty.

CCAG brings to its advice a strong awareness of the community and consumer issues associated with the creation and use of health and medical research and the role of research evidence and its translation, in improving health. The advice of the CCAG is in addition to the advice and expertise of community and consumer representatives on the Council of NHMRC and its Principal Committees.


CCAG is a Working Committee established under Section 39 of the National Health and Medical Research Council Act 1992 (the NHMRC Act) and is comprised of 16 consumer and community leaders in Australia. Members have been appointed for the 2012-15 triennium.

Several members also have membership on NHMRC Principal Committees (see below).

Community and Consumer Advisory Group
Ms Karen Carey, Chair  
Hon Fran Bailey  
Ms Sandra Bethell  
Ms Alison Copley  
Hon Hendy Cowan  
Ms Rebecca Davies (also Member of Research Committee)
Mr Todd Harper  
Mr David Jack  
Mr Demos Krouskos (also Member of Health Care Committee)
Ms Meagan Lawson (also Member of Prevention and Community Health Committee)
Ms Anne McKenzie  
Ms Lesley Murphy (also Member of Human Genetics Advisory Committee)
Ms Kay Oke (also Member of Embryo Research Licensing Committee and Australian Health Ethics Committee)
Mr Glenn Rees  
Mr John Stubbs  
Dr Moira Watson  

Contact CCAG

Community and Consumer Advisory Group
Research Translation, Policy Group
GPO Box 4530

Page last updated on 9 January 2015